Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Watermelon woman Andressa soares "Mulher Melancia"
*blank stare
can you say Vaiii?

late New Years resolutions

Ooook my resolution for 2012 is to not leave people soo in the dark with whats going on with me and my career. I think it gives the wrong impression. 

Its still January, its not too late to put that out there is it?

sometimes I feel over exposed and under developed. And in the meantime you miss some of my performances and don't have my music in your playlist. Wheres the album SHAQ?

Well I'm currently writing and pooling all the human resources and otherwise necessary to launch my first official release. This sounds strange to me because this would be maybe my fourth album, but my adventure continues. Lets keep in touch.

Streets Is Hot rehearsal at Music House with Emily Elliott & Vernon Dacosta

As Streets is Hot has evolved on stage to as much as a 7 piece monster inclusive of cello, saxophone, and a drum section, I think of the guitar melody I hummed for Vernon so long ago that started it. I can still hear some violins in there somewhere, but this beast is about to get out of control. So today I'm stripping it down to the basics in a view to arranging it finally to be recorded. 

The last addition to my overall sound has been the cello and I've been feeling for it for quite some time. However the first few performances with Emi-Cello I felt the plucking getting drowned out  and I don't feel like people been feeling that cello belly how I need. So yeah, basics! This is me listening to Cello and guitar interacting on the song together. I know what the drums and other percussion does - some serious drama. Had a few performances with Kamlah Hamilton on keys and shes the genius that helps  me mix all the other ingredients together and ices that cake. Ahh, so we making music

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Die Puppet

No heart no soul no vision no mind 
Play puppet play
All strings attached yes that's the catch
Die puppet die

Sunday, January 8, 2012

That: NY Cool

That: 'YOU call it' SWAG cos if I do say so myself it would just be uncivilized 

and its not even so much the daps as it is the acknowledgement of the dude that empties my trash

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino

So if you already know Troy Barnes from NBC's Community then sorry... I'm late. I'd seen the ads but never gotten around to an episode. Will now.

So I was channel surfing in need of a laugh and stopped at comedy central to see this guys Stand up special where he absolutely killed an impersonation of Tracy Morgan and chris Rock. You can tell he got credits as a writer on shows like 30 Rock and Daily Show. Anyhow, couldn't remember the name till I stumbled on Freeks and Geeks on Youtube...Surprise...

So then I found this golden footage, kid can freestyle yo ratings. 
Yup, I'm not a rapper I'm an eMCee, I mean a comedian, I mean a producer, I mean actor ... Genius. 
Wu-Tang name generator? yeah i dig that.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


How hard did you say goodbye to 2011? 
cos strangely I wasn't hungover at all
Ready for the new
Welcome to the future...