Thursday, June 11, 2020

Justice and Equality: Black lives do matter though

Started the year with a lot of gratitude as I witnessed much of last years hard work, spelling and prayer being answered and manifesting.

Then Covid19 brought the apocalypse to everyone’s door. It took me a minute to break away from the media conditioned fear and woe mindset, but now I get UP everyday with new routines. All what I wished I had more time for, exercise reading writing singing research documentaries and catching up with people. There’s a gift in this time. I’m even more grateful.  

Meanwhile  people are dying and livelihoods are being destroyed. Still it’s difficult to convince the masses that this pandemic is as much as it is reported to be, or that the response to it is fitting. The more conversations I hear, engage or avoid, the harder it is to shake the feeling (or the evidence) that it’s a part of a sophisticated manipulation. #Event201 #BillGates #ID2020 #5G #JudyMikovits #Faucci Wuhan whistleblowers, tampered test kits, manipulated covid statistics, and talk of vaccines yet the lack of dialogue on simple immune boosting, does not help. 

I resent having to use words like narrative so often, but I appreciate the acceptance that you can never rely on a single perspective and there rarely is a single story. 

There’s a shift in the consciousness and it wants the truth. Mainstream media and even history at best has always been a narrative. Some of us have always known this. I remember how I felt when I first understood what it meant for almost every news piece to have Reuter’s or AP attached, by which time I scoffed less at conspiracy theory and scrutinised more conspiracy facts. 

So then In the midst of all this lockdown, video footage of #AhmaudArbery ‘s midday lynching goes viral and shortly after #GeorgeFloyd ‘s execution by cop the same, and its pandemonium in these covid streets. In these covid streets, where so many want peaceful protest I’m seeing anger, frustration and helplessness, doused with tear gas and chased with cows milk. (What could be worse for the sinuses). What could be worse for the current experience: looting, shooting, anti protesters, police sabotaging supplies, complementary bricks put out to encourage vandalism, undercover agents, more brutality, and all these negative affirmations trying to drown the cause or bait a race war. 

I feel the pull on the emotions of the group consciousness, and I can feel force feeding and engineering in the midst of it all. Every day I witness some other atrocity and I feel the pull on my own emotions, forcing me to disconnect from social media. 

but I can’t quiet and I can’t mute.

I am affected but I am not distracted

So last week I post dem likkle black square, and Iv never used the tag #blacklivesmatter before because I’ve seen how quick its gaslit and pounded with all lives matter rhetoric. Not to mention the movement further connected to #GeorgeSoros .However, our lives do matter. There are those among us who care about equal rights and justice, giving momentum to the truth... and we will find each other 

Stay sharp fam their cards do show