Monday, June 10, 2013

People still buy CD's? - Esperanza Spalding, Gregory Porter

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Walked into an HMV late last year like an idiot looking for music. Smh. Green to London, like I never used to live here, I find myself asking some clueless girl to find Anita Bakers new album for me. Tut tut tut.

See I was reminiscing waltzing around a virgin mega store looking like a kid in a toy shop, flipping through rows and rows of music; floor to ceiling, wall to wall. There was a time you found everything you wanted, made discoveries, and people in there knew about music. Sure there were posters and video games etc but you could go get that experience where you come home and pull a CD out the plastic and look at the art work, dare I even mention buying vinyl. Maybe you pull out a poster from that fresh packaging, start reading the credits and get stuck in as u hit play - no?

Forget that!. HMV's the same size but its all games and iphone accessories. The only music is the top 40, everything else looks like a closing down sale. And its not that alphabetically categorized flip through pleasantry either. Biggest font are the numbers 1 through 40, they'd fully cover the cases if they could.

Recounting the tale days after to others taught me better. "People still buy CD's?". No you'd have to specially order that online. Of course, how silly am I digital download age. Where have I been?

So I'm proud to say the Youtube downloaded MP3's on my phone of Gregory Porter and Esperanza Spalding  have been replaced, ripped straight from the original albums my uncle ordered on Amazon 


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Esperanza Spalding - Precious (Live at Amoeba)

He doing that face ...

That's that 'hearing is disbelieving face'... feeling it! feeling it!. Gladdis! Happens to me every time I hear a beat or some new music that's just taken my head off, maybe it even turns into that other face, that 'I just got slapped in the face with a fist sized lemon' face...

Esperanza aint nothing wrong with you. I love yow smile yow teef and the way you jump out your fro girl.

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