Friday, November 1, 2019


Produced by #Inztinkz 
Mixed & Engineered by King Droopie 

Just a regular day in #Jamaica; cruising through suburbs and speeding down highways, but to the rest of the world, suburbs, highways and anything not fitting the Jamaican stereotype doesn’t exist here. 

Here is home, a place I need a plane to visit now that I’m living in London again. I see so many influenced by this island of paradox and beauty not knowing how much it truly has to offer, including Jamaicans that have never ventured as far as Kingston or who have yet to even step foot on its soil. 

Reflecting on this during a recent trip home I started documenting. So untypical am I; British Jamaican #HipHop #Reggae #Soul #singer. Every day that breaks is far from regular, even if all you see is the highlights, this is a sound journey. Art is the mission music is the medicine love is the message. 

This is my affirmation welcome to the adventure.