Sunday, April 25, 2021

A toast to my ancestors

A lot of transitioning has been happening lately.

I am sensing an energy shift on a macro and micro scale; the entire Earth, it’s inhabitants, systems of control, cultural icons passing, people closest to me, changes within.

Since the start of the year Iv lost 3 close relatives in close succession. My uncle, my Grandmother and my aunt. I imagine posting this helps me to compute, but I doubt it does.

As I am dressed here I have attended two of three funerals from my apartment flat, hysterical through every range of emotions. Disconnected and frustrated by it. Through the difficult moments however I feel selfish as I know the tears are for memories Iv had with them and memories I can’t, and that’s for me, not them. For them I imagine and embrace happiness and relief as I know though death was sudden, it was when they were not living in their greatest power. Now they are...

Connected in what feels like very crucial timing, purposeful, powerful and in preparation for what is ahead. A toast to my ancestors


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Sons of Kemet - Hustle ft. Kojey Radical


ooh this is dope

In “Hustle”, two dancers represent the duality present within any struggle to transcend internal limitations - until differing elements of the self are reconciled and act in unison. Listen to “Hustle” ft. Kojey Radical: Follow Sons of Kemet everywhere: Sons of Kemet returns with their new album Black To The Future, out May 14. The follow up to 2018’s Mercury Prize nominated breakout release Your Queen Is A Reptile This release finds the UK-based quartet at their most dynamic – showcasing harmonically elegant arrangements and compositions, coupled with fierce, driving material Video credits: Director: Ashleigh Jadee Producer: Adi Alfa Production Company: Dynasty Entertainment Dancers: The Jaiy Twins @thejaiytwins