Monday, June 11, 2012

Back in the studio with Kabhir Bonner

10 years ago I officially started this journey in music. After an 18 track demo and plenty cassettes full of deck recorded freestyles circulated among friends, 'Mystory' began in studio with Kabhir Bonner. '2002/For My...'

This is for my ghetto children
Not the ones that's living in it but the ones that's got it living in em 
This is for my warriors
Not the ones that start wars but the ones that's gotta fight the odds
This is for the poor 
Not those that live beyond they means but the ones without the means to live 
keep your heads up ... this ones for me and you 
2002 we gon' turn these grey skies blue 

...And that's how I came out the gate with my first official recording. Fully embracing that I was a British Jamaican yute spitting from my hip hop soul. I turned around and spoke on my environment, Music Correspondent coming to you live from the streets of round town Kingston, Jamaica.

Now I find myself back in the studio with Kabs 10 years later with a focus shifted further forward to the rest of the world, the global marketplace, Jamaica my backyard...