Monday, September 14, 2020

Yebba - My Mind


Just discovered this by accident watching tiktok videos. Tears. speechless.

Friday, September 11, 2020

The MC Lookin Freestyle - Watch The Hype


Often, the status quo and accepted paradigm of truth is rooted in falsehood. Otherwise, too far from the entire truth or only truth to be considered absolute. 

Don't watch the hype ...Watch the hype 

Pandemic virus lock-down and vaccine a wha this man the end is near 
But its like the more them a promote the more we a come out di shackles bondage and fear 
Babylon a go collapse...kiss teeth ... trust me just watch
heads a go roll the truth a unfold aint nothing they can do about that 

Living in a world where words like news, fake news, propaganda, programming, advertising and promotion are interchangeable depending on ones discernment is very troubling. We are constantly being promoted to. The beauty of knowing this however is knowing this. Now to exercise such a gift.    

One must know when and how to watch the hype to identify the truth. One must know when not to watch the hype so as not to be swept away in distractions and lies. One should also know when to watch ones own hype lest one mislead, or be mislead from truth and purpose, to their own detriment.

Watch the hype my friend, you and I know theres so much going on.