Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kabaka Pyramid - King Kabaka official video

Yes! me bredda in rhyme drops another official video. This one a certified banger, Kabaka Pyramid showing and proving as the baddest lyricist with great visuals from Gareth Cobran.

Gregory Porter - Be Good (Lion's Song)

Listening to Jazz FM religiously these past few months has me making all kinds of discoveries. Gregory Porter heralded by Huffington Post as "The brilliant new voice of Jazz", released his Grammy nominated album Be Good last year. Cant believe I don't have a copy yet, but with other songs released like "Good Hands" and "On my way to Harlem" I'm sold. Take a listen.

Btw "1960 What" from previous album Water has some epic remixes too.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sade ft SHAQ The MC - Somebody already broke my heart remix

Happy Valentines day to all you bleeding hearts out there. As I let go and clear all creative blocks to let in the new, I share this with you.

A beautiful union that didn't see its potential

Keep on loving...

Beating the Jamaican way

from the Duke Powell show

Sunday, February 3, 2013

"You are not serious about your music"

From M.E. Exposed...

A friend of mine recently said to me that I was not serious about my music. I took some offense to this, but not in the old hyper-sensitive, defensive way I used to. The thing is this person knows nothing about what I’m working on or doing right now with respect to my music, nor did the person preface that very definitive statement with a question about it. The only reason I wasn’t more upset was because I could understand why they felt this way based on what they knew about my career. The statement was made because:

- The person hasn’t been seeing me perform lately (Which is quite intentional as I spend time building my brand and developing my product. Don’t be the common fowl. Try to be the unique Rooster, at least when you crow in the morning people will know it distinctly…That is far more important than being everywhere and having little effect).

- The person implied I was getting older so I should hurry up (I’m getting older yes. I’m in no rush. I’m not trying to write a hit LMFAO song that people may forget in a year. I’m trying to create something that represents me and that people will like, but will have longevity. That does not always happen overnight. Let no one rush you into any project or in any directions that your gut is not comfortable going in. I didn’t do music to become a star. I create music because it is a part of me and a gift God has given me to share. I do monetize my craft, but that is not the focus of this journey. Money will come.)

- The person suggested I sign to the label of another artist looking for acts to develop (Sounds glamorous, and the artist def has a lot of clout right now. That said I have never had the intentions of being any other artists entrepreneurial project. I can see how it could be beneficial to creating a hype around me, and maybe I would consider it if the contract was reasonable, but I’m here to create my own label, own my publishing company, write and produce my songs. These are some of the things I enjoy doing in music. I don’t wish to be molded when the mold of my vision is already so vividly clear in my mind. That said constructive criticism is always appreciated from people who matter.)

So at the end of the day I will conclude that I am and have always been serious about my music. If I hadn’t been, I wouldn’t have gone to music school, or made it to the final pre-TV round of X-Factor, or the final round of Apollo, or opened on the stage of Jamaica Jazz & Blues festival, or be working on my debut album, all in 4 years. Many artists have devoted way more than that to a career and done less. 

So give yourself credit for all you have achieved, and don’t let anyone detract you with statements that come from a place that lacks insight. The hardest part of the music industry is definitely knowing yourself and knowing what you want, so spend some time thinking about that, and be sure about it. Keep that vision at the forefront of your mind. If you need external help then get it, but if you can execute this dream on your own, then make it happen, and never make anyone for the slightest moment imply you are not serious about your craft because they are not aware of you.



So well said I had to repost in full

D.R.O.O.P.I.E. - She Wants Me To Stay (Unofficial Promo)

First hand at co-production places me on Golden Jubilee Bridge one crisp day in London, on shoot for a quick promo of D.R.O.O.P.I.E.'s She Wants Me To Stay. A taste of things to come from Mr Collab...