Monday, December 10, 2012

10 minutes of freedom in London

Writers Block?

I am too hard on myself

Writers block?
There is no such thing. Well not in the sense that you are creatively flaccid and unable to get it on. Its the complete opposite. More like trying to whizz when completely roused ...

40 Year old Virgin: Steve Carell trying to aim at a toilet

Something else wants to come out, don't force it. We are purposed to create.
Allow what is rousing you to burst forth. You might surprise yourself ...and your audience.

It worries me that some people can experience a 'creative block' for what might be a lifetime, or that I can fall into its cycle and not find my way out. is that possible? nah. its stubbornness really, holding on to things; the human condition.

I'm trying to write myself into the happy chapter of my life when I havn't finished living through some of the dark unhappy ones. I can press my pencil into the paper all I want sending my doodles pages down, but the song I'm trying to write cant get out around perhaps those I need to just let go of

Clearing all creative blocks....feels like an album, or so...