Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Spice - Duffle Bag

Yo this is a dope move from Spice. Always the plight of the multicultural when you have not a single voice/ story, is to find a way to express them all. So shes spending all this time in the states and shes filming for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, the more you assimilate cultures the more you diversify expression.

Hard on the ears going in at first, wont lie, but she catches a groove and she slaughters it. Rrrrrrrr... Slaughters it. Obviously more comfortable with Dancehall than rap she sticks to what shes sure of to the end and the crossover is sweet. She got handle. love the pop culture references and punchlines coast to coast. Mad.

Kabaka Pyramid - Borders Ft. Stonebwoy

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

CH4SE - Cut To Di Chase

Soul Brother CH4SE releases his mixtape Cut To Di Chase. FInally got a chance to give it a proper listen, some Jams on this yo.