Tuesday, May 22, 2012



After missing the first installment I couldn't miss the second. Its free All u have to do is #PAYATTENTION.  Inztinkz and DJ Andre Young kept it one-hun'd Hip Hop for the heads and open minded, setting the pace for Shermon Dadz and  Frank Griz to rock the house first.

Been keeping a low pro but had to support with Five Steez performing tracks like Growing Pains from his forthcoming album War for Peace. Proud night for Hip Hop. A healthy gathering, chillin and spilling to favorites from then till now, then Tari Prime capped off the performances for the night serenading the ladies thoroughly.

Inztinkz and DJ Andre Young continued to serve the rap fiends that well cut dopeness into the hours.

See the full photo albums at JAE Magazine and DACX Photography.

Back in the studio Pt. 2

Back in the office 
donning my Help Find Michael Dixon T shirt

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kabaka Pyramid - Free From Chains

yes! me bredda inna music releases his first official video "Free from Chains" off the Rebel Music EP

Go beyond the scenes courtesy of Supanova productions. Who is Kabaka pyramid? seriously? Go to my earlier post: Kabaka Pyramid honing the sound with Rebel Music.  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tuff Gong Studios with Mario Evon

Mario Evon, SHAQ The MC Tuff Gong

Back in the studio, with Mario Evon, some talented musicians and one of my favourite producers Rohan Dwyer at the controls. Put down that Love In Di Mawnin remix

As I bear witness to the beginnings of a beautiful album in the makings I inflect on my own project, inspired and encouraged. Days like this shouldn't be as hard to come by. Ideas pooling in music and laughter, pride and joy in creation. this is what work should feel like. Go home tired and happy. Goodbye Tuff Gong, Biggup Mario!