Monday, May 16, 2016

The Bad Tour Archives - Michael Jackson

The past few Sundays have been Michael Jackson marathons during work. Been going through his entire catalogue, The Jacksons included. You can dance you can cry. Better yet you can try not to. I find it hard. What beauty he left us.

I doubt any musician has had as much an impact on me. its only compounded by the fact we share the same birthday. That has always had some special significance to me. Probably the first factoid that would form ideas in my head about destiny and purpose and them being tied to the arts.

As a kid I was Michael Jacksons biggest fan. I think everyone was growing up in the 80's. I had two VHS tapes, one was Moonwalker the other a documentary and oh I rinsed them.

Thriller was my first horror movie, Bad was one of the first albums in my vinyl collection.  I moonwalked in my socks - only on tiled floors because obviously the real thing was assisted by magic - I had a leg kick and a spin, and I knew every song lyric and trademark ad-lib.

I'd always assumed I would eventually see him perform live, meet him, perhaps even make music together. Though that assumption never changed and the love remained, the fanaticism waned over the years and it has me reflecting now upon how effective was the campaign against him...

he once said "The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work". If you want to be great study the greats...he was the truth ...