Sunday, July 28, 2019

The MC - Loving and Living

From the vaults of The MC Produced by Damien Beatz Unvaulted by King Droopie 'The Dr.'


Circa 2009...

Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift at the VMA's
Barack Obama becomes the president of the United States
Usain Bolt brings the 100m World Record to 9.58 seconds
We lose Michael Jackson, David Caradine, Brittany Murphy and Patrick Swayzie...

...and I more or less finished penning what I believed would be the banger to start the upward spiral with my music. 

After many re-records, lost files and friends, damaged drives, spontaneous migration, and a few years of homelessness, sofa surfing and sleeping on studio floor later, I found a new brother, friend and colleague in 'The Dr', King Droopie. 

Artist, producer and engineer, among others, my most recent partner in rhyme arguably wears more hats than I do. 

This was among the first set of songs we started working together to see how we could co-create. He's polished this into a gem that I thought I'd just leave here for those still riding with me since the early days of this journey. However, considering the feedback and opportunity to learn and grow...